October 22, 2012

We’ll have more information on the upcoming Transfer conference in the coming days.

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C.J. Mahaney Senior Pastor

Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville

Jared Mellinger Senior Pastor

Covenant Fellowship Church

Jeff Purswell Dean

Sovereign Grace Pastor's College

Kevin DeYoung Senior Pastor

University Reformed Church

Sinclair Ferguson Senior Minister

First Presbyterian Church

Mark Prater Pastor / Acting Director of Church Planting and Care

Covenant Fellowship Church / Sovereign Grace Ministries

What we treasure…we must transfer.

This reality is what lies behind Transfer, a four-day gathering hosted by the churches of Sovereign Grace Ministries. Transfer exists to celebrate & proclaim those biblical truths and values that are most important to pass on from one generation to the next.

For values to be transferred, they must be seen, taught, and experienced in daily life, not simply at a conference. For that reason,Transfer is designed both to equip and inspire you to view your life, generation, and church as part of a much larger tapestry God is weaving for his glory.

You are not alone. And at Transfer you’ll have the opportunity to join with different generations to celebrate and be strengthened in the values we treasure most.