Next 2012 Conference
The Church and the Purpose of GodMP3Jeff Purswell
The Church and MembershipMP3Jared Mellinger
The Church and SundayMP3Ian McConnell
The Church and FriendshipMP3Kevin DeYoung
The Church and HolinessMP3Kevin DeYoung
The Church and CultureMP3Matt Chandler
The Church and DisappointmentMP3C.J. Mahaney
A Conversation with Friends
C.J. Mahaney and Kevin DeYoung
C.J. Mahaney and Matt Chandler
Next 2011 Conference
God on the World: The Bible’s Framework for a Christian WorldviewMP3Jeff Purswell
Think or Believe? The Role of Reason in the Life of FaithMP3Scott Oliphint
The Gospel and the Postmodern MindMP3D.A. Carson
The Reality of Truth in a World of RelativismMP3R.C. Sproul
Who am I? Humanity in the Eyes of the World and the ChristianMP3Kevin DeYoung
Science & FaithMP3Vern Poythress
The New AtheistsMP3Nathan Sasser
Can We Trust Our Bibles?MP3Peter Williams
Jesus and Other ReligionsMP3Kevin DeYoung
Vocational Breakouts
ScienceMP3Malcolm Wright
MP3Journalism (not available)Jon Ward
GovernmentMP3Kirk Whitworth
BusinessMP3Nelson Cooney
LawMP3Steve Kao
ArtsMP3Tom Fluharty
MP3Medicine (not available)Javed Kahn
Pastoral MinistryMP3Dave Harvey
Julie BowersMP3
Tom MartinMP3
Katie TechtmannMP3
Angel CabreraMP3
Crystal BellMP3
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Next 2010 Conference
What Are You Built On?MP3Joshua Harris
The Doctrine of Christ’s Work Accomplished and AppliedMP3Mark Dever
ScriptureMP3Kevin DeYoung
SanctificationMP3C.J. Mahaney
GodMP3D.A. Carson
The ChurchMP3Kevin DeYoung
The End TimesMP3Jeff Purswell
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Next 2009 Conference
The Preeminence of ChristMP3Joshua Harris
Christ’s IncarnationMP3D.A. Carson
Christ’s LifeMP3Kevin DeYoung
Christ’s DeathMP3C.J. Mahaney
Christ’s ResurrectionMP3Sinclair Ferguson
Christ’s ReturnMP3Sinclair Ferguson
Panel DiscussionMP3Mark Dever, Sinclair Ferguson, Justin Taylor, Kevin DeYoung, C.J. Mahaney, and Joshua Harris
Just Do SomethingMP3Kevin DeYoung
Radical WomanhoodMP3Carolyn McCulley
Entrust: The Transfer of the GospelMP3Dave Harvey & Jared Mellinger
Church Planting Information MeetingMP3Dave Harvey, Mark Prater, and Rob Flood
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New Attitude 2008 Conference
Ripping, Burning, Eating: A Right Response to God’s WordMP3Joshua Harris
The Authority of ScriptureMP3Mark Dever
Bible Questions & AnswersMP3Albert Mohler
The Troubled Soul: God’s Word and Our FeelingsMP3C.J. Mahaney
What’s the Point?: Growing in Vision for Diligent StudyMP3Eric Simmons
William Tyndale: A Life Transformed By God’s WordMP3John Piper
Fighting for Faith with God’s WordMP3John Piper
God as Father: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption in God’s WordMP3C.J. Mahaney
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New Attitude 2007 Conference
DiscernmentMP3Joshua Harris
Discern Your DoctrineMP3Mark Dever
Discern Your CultureMP3Albert Mohler
Discern Your HeartMP3C.J. Mahaney
Discern the GraymattersMP3Eric Simmons
Discern What Pleases God: HimselfMP3John Piper
Discern What Pleases God: Personal ObedienceMP3John Piper
Discern How to ApplyMP3C.J. Mahaney
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New Attitude 2006 Conference
The Truth: Rediscovering Humble OrthodoxyMP3Joshua Harris
The Story: Understanding the Story Line of the BibleMP3Mark Dever
The Life: Applying the Gospel to All of LifeMP3Mike Bullmore
The Cross: A Meditation on Jesus’ Atoning DeathMP3C.J. Mahaney
The Power: Understanding and Experiencing the Holy SpiritMP3Jeff Purswell
The Mission: Reaching the World Next DoorMP3Eric Simmons
The Family: Taking It Home to Your Local Church CommunityMP3Joshua Harris
Feeding on God: Cultivating a Fruitful Life in the WordMP3Mike Bullmore
Reconsidering WorshipMP3Bob Kauflin
A New Kind of Christianity? A Look at the Emerging Church MovementMP3Justin Taylor
Cultural Discernment from a Biblical WorldviewMP3Albert Mohler
Don’t Try This at Home: Feminism’s Wide-Ranging InfluenceMP3Carolyn McCulley
Equal in Essence, Distinct in Function: The Roles and Relations of the Trinitarian Persons of the Eternal GodheadMP3Bruce Ware
The Summons: Exploring the Call to MinistryMP3Dave Harvey
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New Attitude 2004 Conference
Is He Enough? (Psalm 73)MP3Joshua Harris
Ruth: God’s Providence in a Single Woman’s LifeMP3Mark Dever
Men and Women: Similiarities and DifferencesMP3Dr. Wayne Grudem
The Mystery of MarriageMP3Dr. Al Mohler
Cravings and Conflict (James 4:1-2)MP3C.J. Mahaney
Conference Recap byMP3Joshua Harris
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