Noah Welch Purveyor of Clockwork Form & Function

Noah WelchPurveyor of Clockwork Form & Function

I’m the Front-End Engineering Lead at Wanderu. Here’s a sample of some of the work that I’ve had the privilege of working on. If you’re ever interested in talking shop, or want to meet up for a coffee or bourbon, shoot me a message.

Bite Meals

Provided all front-end development on a custom e-commerce web app, built in React on the front-end, powered by Laravel.

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Straight Up Craft

Redesigned homepage to better feature content available throughout site, while maintaining primary call to action of keeping plugin and article searching.

Implemented Algolia Search Plus on plugins page. As Straight Up Craft provides access to hundreds of plugins, accessing and searching through them was becoming increasingly difficult and slow. Implementing Search Plus greatly sped up load time, providing users with a much more manageable and helpful experience. Implemented JavaScript to provide filtering and reorganizing of search results.

Provided UI design updates for much of site, establishing interface for mobile up to desktop screen sizes.

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The Cosmonaut website

Website to promote a short film by Vinegar Hill